Saturday, November 7, 2009


for those that might find they're way here ( ruin the ending) was the name of the band i was in formerly freakshow but changed it when we moved to los angeles. troy (guitar) came up with it while taking a deuce if i remember right. they were a great group of guys i think we had like 20 drummers that could not stay in the seat long enough for us to progress any further??? at least i think thats why we broke up, kinda like spinal tap but know one blew up (sigh)

ruin the ending i think is a great name and has left me with great memories with those guys, so i am gonna use it and keep it going with a few different projects. we just put out a zine under the name printed at our studio the first issue has art from, shawn mckinney, skypage, colin burns, damon robinson, greg bolyard, chis anderson and r. delgado........ maybe some tees from me and troy and shit i might even try and put our last unreleased ep on i tunes????? i will post pics of the zine this week we only did 60 copies if you would like one leave a comment...

bacon saves, m

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  1. i miss your band. you guys were rad and reminded me of Refused.